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Lawrence Rabkin, accountant
"Malone is a doer and is a hard worker.  We sit together at a community board meeting. He is a joy to work with!"
Prof. Rick Davis, adviser
"Richard's vision for Coney Island is alive with the promise of the performing arts and the understanding that they are the glue that holds a community together."
Artie Lazarowitz publisher, adviser
Malone and Stevens worked with the Brooklyn Skyline (1998-2006) and the Brooklyn View Newspapers for over 8 years.  They began as Staff Reporters and due to performing obligations were retained as Freelance Reporters.  They always met our tight deadlines with often witty, but always concise culture columns.  Their moral fiber and being, enabled them to be drawn close to their co-workers.  It is sad to see both leave our family, however I wish them the best of luck and good fortune with their company.  Congratulations to CIOS for landing a team who wrote over 600 published articles.
Maestro Alan Aurelia, conductor
I highly endorse Coney Island Opera Symphony Multi Media News Company. I have known and worked closely with members of the company for several years. Malone and company of musicians of different ethnicities, sing opera, personnel managing, administrative skills, narration before concerts, presenting artists in news, radio, television, film, medias, prompting artists to perform their best, ordering costumes and transporting members, instruments and chairs to performing locations, music critic, art and culture writer, with over 600 published articles, conducting with spirit, selecting repertoire and preparing the orchestra for rehearsals and performances, using talent that he teaches as professor of music, advisor for touring to different locations with use of his van, raising funds, reliving the commedia del Art wandering minstrels tradition making his company another leader in Art presentations.
Because of Richard Malone and his company, I have recommended him to NYSCA and soon to the National Endowment for the Arts his scholarly paper will enhance the art form in America.
George Fischoff composer
"I Want to endorse the involvement of Richard Malone and CIOS in any production of Sayonara anywhere on the globe.I would like Richard Malone to be considered for GENERAL MARK WEBSTER in any production of Sayonara. I will write a song for the part of Webster for Richard Malone to perform to fit his voice range of bass-baritone if Richard helps produce Sayonara in Europe. I will give him a script and a CD to bring with him on his next trip to Germany.Producing offers are being presented for Sayonara by Mr. Franck Young of Theater Under the Stars in Houston, Texas. Conversations with Mr. Young and with Richard Malone are being documented and filmed interviews are being conducted with CIOS multi-media division to present a documentary about George Fischoff’s life and works. Other producers are being called in from Europe and Asia with the help of Richard Malone and CIOS new productions of Sayonara will be discussed. Richard and I are starting to audition performers in New York.
Any organization or person involved with Sayonara will be part of the documentary story. I give Richard Malone and his company CIOS full authority to promote his ideas for the success of Sayonara. With Richard Malone and CIOS my dream of having Sayonara performed through out the planet and then into a musical film will be the culmination of my life work and aired on all medias. LONG LIVE GEORGE FISCHOFF and RICHARD MALONE and LONG LIVE SAYONARA."
Shelton Liou, financial adviser
In my humble opinion, Richard Malone brings a rare energy level in progressing worldly music  to all cultures. He is a maestro in bringing together various social esthetics and makes every attempt to make them universally palatable.
Wally Wong, president Jadin Wong Talent Agency, adviser
I admire and respect your determination to rehabilitate the Coney Island community.  Any project of this magnitude to succeed requires the participation of the community.  My years of experience in this type of endeavors of this nature is that the people in the community wants change and their desire to live in a safe environment and a community that encourages business to come in and provide needed services and jobs. In the final analysis and I quote Aristotle:
"If liberty and equality, assist thought by some, are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in government to the utmost."
Political in-fighting is a terrible waste of time and energy, while cooperation toward a common goal to improve ones community is worthy and productive.