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In 1999, six researchers founded The Regal Swan with the sole purpose of providing humane veterinary medical care for swans worldwide through research and education.  During the course of their research, vaccines to mitigate swan deaths due to Botulism and West Nile Virus were pioneered.  Research is ongoing and will result in finding the bacteria which is causing swans to turn pink in color in the UK as well as Central Florida, a baseline for swan hormone levels during and outside of the mating season as well as continued efforts to determine necessary veterinary protocols for humane care.  

In 2008, The Regal Swan Foundation, Inc., a non-profit (501) c3 was formed to continue the research and education efforts. With the help of Sheila, Shirley and Mom Bolin and over 100 volunteers, Richard Malone and his CIOS-Multi-Media company  with Patricia Stevens and composer Stephen Scottie created a formal concert on Lake Eola, Orlando Florida with great success.

Since 2010, every day in October  is Swan Day in Florida and the Key of the city is for the Swans.

Music and texts was written for the occasion.  

We are in need of a pair of Chinese Swans to give them love and research.  Plans are being made with Ji Wang, Eric and Jenny Liu to bring our scientists and music to China.