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Curator Aldo Mancusi
Malone is shaking hands with Cavalier Aldo Mancusi the curator of the Enrico Caruso museum. 
The ciosinc multi media news company will find a resting place for the self made museum built by Mr. Mancusi.
Malone's company will film a German opera buffs' visit to the museum of the world greatest Italian opera tenor in September 2011.
Fred JeromeCIOS is creating a documentary series on the making of a movie.
The movie to be based on a book by Fred Jerome and Rodger Taylor called "Einstein and Racism." It has been bought by actors Danny Glover and Ben Kingsley. The script is finished and production will start. Initial interviews with the writers reveals the life story of Albert Einstein and his friendship with Paul Robeson.
Sayonara - the Musical, composer George Fischoff, lyrics Hy Gilbert

Rumi Oyama (dancer), Wally Wong (sponser), Lisa Chang (director), staff, staff

The new production of the beloved story of the beautiful Japanese woman who falls in love with an American soldier during WWII is brought to new life with this gorgeous staging of “Sayonara” featuring all new music by George Fischoff.

Musical review by Patricia Stevens and Richard Malone

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Richard Malone, pianist, will perform Mozart's concerto in D major on July 3, 2010
With the Elaine Gallo studio recital in Falls Church, Virginia. This is a preparatory recital for a major performance at the Northern Virginia Music Teacher's Association Spring Festival in 2011.
Has accepted two new musicals from the Italian-American composer Stephen Scotti, (grandnephew of the baritone Antonio Scotti, close friend of tenor Enrico Caruso) of Gloucester, MA.-- "POET’S OPERA" and "MAFIA MAFIA." The latter wants orchestration of the music. Further funding is needed before casting begins.
Covenant Dance Studio founded in 1987 by director Maria A. Hirokawa joins CIOS for Nutcracker Suite by Peter Tchaikovsky. The school  faculty includes five instructors spreading the love of dance in Brooklyn.
The school primarily teaches classical ballet to youth and adults but also offers classes in Modern/Jazz dance and Pilates, and periodically, workshops in Argentine Tango and Flamenco.
Malone presents his classic Daimler Benz Mercedes to lead the Mermaid Coney Island Parade for over 1 million people to open the beach activities for Coney Island Mayor Dick Zigun.  A copy of Malone's News reveals the happy life in Coney Island.
"Coney," is the Dutch word for "rabbit" and the island was so named in the 1600's by European settlers in what is now New York, then called New Amsterdam.