Richard Malone reviews Riverside Opera Companies SUPER VOICES

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Sunday May 5th, 2018 at 3pm Music Hall Snug Harbor Cultural Center Staten Island, NY.

Riverside Opera Company presents SUPER VOICES (picture of program cover in background) with The Richmond County Orchestra and ensembles conducted byAlan Aurelia founded in 1998 to provide the Staten Island Community with the best of live classical, jazz and contemporary music.

It was a successful musical day at The Music Hall. It was jumping with an outstanding experienced conductor, a full vibrant classical orchestral sound from 48 professional musicians formally dressed accompanying soprano Roseanne Ackerley; mezzo soprano Holly Sorenson; soprano Capt. Iris Karlin; tenor Seunghwan Oh; and the Staten Island's Curtis High School Chorus of 24 singers with Josh Steinhart director/pianist; and enthused listeners of ladies, gentlemen, teenagers and children filled the hall with a mother and teenage daughter who knew the "Skyfall" selection visiting from Amsterdam, Holland whom I met on the Staten Island Ferry Ride from down-town Manhattan. I of course invited them to the concert. They were thrilled because I spoke to them in German and I almost succeeded in getting the teenage daughter to sing with the chorus of young artists.

Opening with the Prelude to Act 3 of Lohengrin by R. Wagner was a delightful blending sound. I knew the music. I have sung the role of Telramund from Lohengrin in a German Opera House many times. Maestro Aurelia will surely make his debut conducting this way soon in Germany with a strong recommendation from me. A young up-and-coming international maestro indeed with steady, relaxed movements allowing the musicians to eagerly play. He is a delight to watch and the orchestra a delight to hear. Wunderbar!

With an extraordinary eight page colorful program filled with pictures, bios, names of all participants, donors, board members, and con- tributing businesses made this reviewer realize the accomplishments Aurelia and his dedicated staff has created for the deserving Staten Island community the cultural lamp of the borough. Further support for this magnificent company and for all concerned especially the Staten Island residents is a must.

Roseanne Ackerley a strong voice filled the hall on an open stage with no microphones or orchestra pit accompanied by a Wagnerian orchestra playing double FF and diminuendos displaying good German diction with clear vowel sounds and proper conso- nances.The German agents are looking for you. Your rendition of "Dich Teure Halle" belongs with the the orchestra and conductor in a German opera house (where my own career was made.) The versatility with 2 opera languages and musicianship of an American trained singer is evident as she sang beautifully part of the role of Mimi from La Boheme before the intermission. (bravissimo)

Holly Sorensen with her deep vibrant mezzo sound gave an exciting portrayal of Delilah's aria. Please be part of the Metropolitan Opera’s new production. Your talent is enormous. This young lady must have lived in France for her vibrant nasal sounds with strong legato phrases as Carmen with her strong characterization came through. You are a joy to listen to and to watch your artistry. (Superb!)

Iris Karlin not only proudly defends Israel, she has stature of a classical literature actor/singer with natural believable traits with true emotions on each glorious phrase, a delight visually and vocally with a believable interpretation as a charmingly coy Musette. Karlin sings with a pleading voice as a daughter that melts the heart of her father Gianni Schicchi. Producers and Directors of Opera house will take you from the battlefield and put you on stage where you belong. (Mazal Tov!)

Seunghwan Oh, a Puccini singer, has a young sweet, well placed tenor sound with handling of one of the most famous Italian arias with success. Add more emotion with age, experience and passion, a strong future in music is predicted, a diamond in the rough! (Aleumda- woyo)

The La Boheme duet was interpreted byAckerley and Oh with fine sensitive orchestral accompaniment created by the superb work of Maestro Aurelia with many "Bravos" a rousing ovation that still echoes in my ear. May you and your companies live 100 years.

I sat in the second row with the invited Amsterdam guests on my right (someone must have directed them to the return Ferry, I hope!) On my left was a High School choral singer who listened very attentively to the orchestra and solo singers. I could tell he was getting excited in anticipation for his choral singing. Good job Steinhart and Aurelia on your work with young people.

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