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Celebrating the Life of JADIN WONG May 24, 1913 - March 30, 2010
the first Chinese American Idol
Forbidden City West
First Chinese American Idol by Malone /Stevens.  The life of Jadin Wong presented with 17 NYC sold out performances in New York City. Ji Wang played the older Jadin Wong and Richard Malone played Jadin's husband, Eddie Dowling.
Richard Malone talked/sang at the Museum of Chinese in America for Jadin's memorial.

Newspaper artical presented to the Chinese Museum in New York city May 4th, 2010:
The first Chinese American Idol

JADIN WONG, A LOCAL AMERICAN dancer of exotic style and international acclaim, is today 94 years old and yearns to perform. Born in San Francisco, Calif., Jadin left home at 14 to pursue her passion--to become a New York Broadway performer and Hollywood film star. Her closest friend was her mother who gave her $40 and instructions to be honest and friendly to all people and who told her "donít forget to write and stay in touch."

Pictured: Wally Wong, Jadin Wong and Jerry Schoenfeld of the Schubert Organization

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Jadin Wong's ashes will be spread over Schubert Alley, NYC and Hawaii by her loving brother (date to be announced).
Wally and his good friend Richard Malone will then journey to Hawaii where a band of musicians will play music on the boat (date to be announced) while the ashes are also  dispersed there.
Malone will film the events and his company CIOS will present the finished product for airing.